A Cold Day in the Big Apple

Happy New Year, everybody. I’m sitting in my apartment and looking out at the left over snow. It’s freezing today and since I have food, water, and a nice television and stereo set, I don’t see myself venturing outside anytime soon. One of the things I love about New York is the change of seasons. It works out really well since right around the time the weather of one season is starting to get on my nerves, everything changes. Since I’m going to be indoors for a while, I’m going to work on more content for the website. If you look at the menu, you’ll see that I’ve added the Radio page. In keeping with my minimalist style, there are no bells or whistles. There’s just a way to listen to radio stations online. I hope you enjoy this addition to Cybermedia Global. I also hope that, wherever you are, you’re enjoying your weather or at least happily anticipating a pleasant change in the future.

Jim Brooks  

One thought on “A Cold Day in the Big Apple

  1. “No bells or whistles,” appeals to me. There are too many self-absorbed blogs, sources, that what’s the point of having them cluttered with bells and whistles. Old time journalism like mine means Who, What, Where, Why,When, and How. Good writing, Jim!

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