Hi, I’m Jim Brooks, and I created Cybermedia Global with you in mind. That’s right, you. I want to entertain you, amuse you, keep you informed, educate you, inspire you, allow you to communicate with others, and, generally, make your life easier. You can follow national and international news, see live sports scores, follow the stock market, and check your local news, local weather, and local traffic conditions. You’ll also be able to watch television online to catch up on any shows that you’ve missed (and check your local TV listings for times and stations), read newspapers and magazines, and listen to radio broadcasts. Through the social networking page, and the Pop Up Chat List, you can stay in touch with family and friends, and form groups for people with common interests. And are there any chess players and/or crossword puzzle enthusiasts and/or Sudoku enthusiasts out there? If so, you can play chess online or Sudoku, and work on a new crossword puzzle every day. And you can learn things, many, many things by searching the web from this site and by checking out Daily Information. There will also be great satire at the Onion and I will be including selections of old time movies and television shows and a selection of music videos (with a drop-down menu within the main menu for various categories). And be sure to check out the X-tremely Useful Links page. These items are x-tremely useful. There will also be many other features that you will find as you explore this website. Please feel free to leave a reply anytime you have any questions or comments. Cybermedia Global will be a permanent work in progress as I will continue to add new material just for you; so check out the menu, take a ride down that beautiful information superhighway, and have fun exploring. Thanks for visiting.

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